No Pride In Israeli Apartheid, Hartford, Friday, June 15, 7:30PM‏

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid


Friday, June 15

Doors open at 6pm, Free meal served at 6:30
Program begins at 7:30PM
Potluck; donations accepted.

Metropolitan Community Church of Hartford
155 Wyllys St, Hartford, CT 06106-1957


In 1969 Stonewall and the early Queer PRIDE events meant ‘fight back’
and solidarity with the oppressed.

Yet today’s PRiDE’s have become an orgy of corporate consumerism and

Queer struggles such as racial and economic justice, immigration,
anti-imperialism and anti-militarization are being lost through the
“middle class whitewashing” of Stonewall and its PRIDE events.

In reflecting upon PRIDE in 2012, Queers Without Borders desires
to bring us Queers back to the days when PRIDE was a political statement
and not a Gay Fourth of July festival of commercialism and blind
nationalistic pride!

So we invite you to join us for an evening when we discuss the pinkwashing*
of Israel, and the fight by the people of Palestine against Israeli occupation.

Saffo Papantonopoulou, New School Students for Justice in Palestine
Liz Aaronsohn, We Refuse to be Enemies
Chris Hutchinson, Socialist Action

Frank O’Gorman, Queer Liberation Front, People of Faith

For Further Information:

*Pink-washing: the branding of Israel as a safe-haven for LGBTQ folks
while simultaneously directing attention away to the heinous
human rights abuses Israel is perpetrating against the indigenous people
of Palestine including the brutal and illegal occupation.

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