Statement on Bradley Manning’s Detention by San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality

For 18 months, an Army soldier had been held as a political prisoner by the US Government with no trial. This soldier is accused of sharing classified information with the world media through the website Wikileaks. There is much about this story that is not well known, including the guilt or innocence of Private Manning. The members of the San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality (SAME) want to make a clear expression of support for Private Manning, regardless of the degree of responsibility for sharing classified information, regardless of the outcome of the so-called military court-martial, and regardless of his or her gender identity. . . .

Private Manning is one of the great heroes of our time, comparable to Daniel Ellsberg. We demand an end to the biased trials and imprisonment, and, further, we call for the initiation of criminal proceedings against those whose behavior the aforementioned Wikileaks communications have helped us to understand.

— San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality

Read the full SAME Statement on Bradley Manning

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