Occupy New England Massive March on New Haven, #F19

Sunday, Feb 19, 2012
2-9PM New Haven Green
Come one, come all, for the first Occupy New England regional action! Try to get there either in the morning or by noon, so you aren’t late. There will likely be action from the morning until night on-site.

The massive Occupy New England March is scheduled for 2 p.m. sharp from the Occupy New Haven site on the “Upper Green” (the area bounded by College, Elm, Temple, and Chapel Streets). The march is a broad-based appeal to everyone from New England and beyond to show the 1% that we’ve got the numbers, and as long as inequality occupies our country and the world at large, we aren’t giving up!

Also, if you would like to stay at Occupy New Haven (whether it’s for the night, for a week, or for good), bring a tent, a sleeping bag rated to 5 degrees or lower, and lots of warm stuff! You can stay for however long you like. There is plenty of room for everyone.


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