How Does One Determine Who Is The "Enemy" Worth Fighting To Death?

How does one determine who is an “enemy” worth fighting to the death? What makes the people of Iraq or Afghanistan (many of whom were innocents caught in the crossfire) more worthy of the title “enemy” than, say, a corrupt corporation without loyalty to any nation that sells harmful products to people through deception and manipulation or dumps waste into our ecosystem or hijacks our “representative” government or exploits millions of unprotected and desperate online casino human beings at home and abroad all in the name of money profit?

2. What right do we have to occupy other nations and dominate other people? How is colonization, imperialism, and world-domination something, as a compassionate and rational species, to be proud of or smug about? Why is one group of humans more worthy of prosperity and protection from the evils of the world than another group of humans? Who makes that judgment call?

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