Queer Rights Group Revolted By Anti-Gay Republican Candidates

Fake Religious Freedom Argument Used In Debate to Mask Red Meat Bigotry

Jan. 8, 2012

Truth Wins Out expressed its revulsion over the
unrestrained anti-gay bigotry expressed by Republican candidates in
tonight’s ABC News debate. The contenders bent over backwards to slap
loving gay couples in their faces and hid behind phony religious
liberty arguments to mask their anti-gay animus, says TWO.

“We are completely disgusted by virtually the entire GOP field which
panders to prejudice and bows to anti-gay bigotry,” said Truth Wins
Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen. “The unabashed extremism
witnessed in this debate is a disgrace and an embarrassment to both
the Republican Party and to this nation.”

The most outrageous view expressed this evening came from former
Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum who said that he would support a
constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying,
as well as breaking up gay couples who are already legally married.
“If the Constitution says marriage is between a man and a woman, then
marriage is between a man and a woman,” Santorum said. “Those who are
not men and women and are married would not be married.”

“I think the radical idea of destroying families and invalidating
their marriages is so preposterous that it will cost Rick Santorum any
chance of ever becoming President of the United States,” said TWO’s
Besen, who married his partner of five years, Jamie Brundage, last
month in Burlington, Vermont. “Santorum is just too extreme and the
cruel position he took on this issue will lead to the unraveling of
his campaign.”

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum defended their anti-gay positions by
falsely claiming that marriage equality conflicted with religious
liberty. Perry actually claimed that allowing LGBT couples to marry is
a “a war against religion.”

“The red meat may work to some degree in the primaries,” said TWO’s
Besen, “But homophobia will haunt the eventual nominee in the general

The most laughable moment of the evening came when Newt Gingrich
expressed his opposition to marriage equality and invoked “the
sacrament of marriage.” He did so with a straight face as his third
wife, Callista, sat in the audience and applauded.

Truth Wins Out (TWO) is a nonprofit that fights anti-LGBT religious
extremism. TWO specializes in turning information into action by
organizing, advocating and fighting for LGBT equality.

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