Shut Down Washington Grain Shipment Mid-January 2012

***EGT Grain Ship Arrival – Call to Action by Occupy Longview Washington***

Occupy Longview (Washington) is officially putting out a call to action to block the EGT grain ship expected to arrive mid-January.

There has already been discussion between occupies in various cities to caravan here to Longview, WA for the purpose of blocking this ship. We, Occupy Longview, are ready to move forward with planning and coordinating to make this action successful.

We are calling out to all occupies, from New York City down to Florida, all the way through to the West Coast, to join us in solidarity.

What we will need:

1) Numbers! We need to have a large turn-out. We need your bodies!

2) Media coordination/help

3) Finances/donated funds from larger occupies (for buses, housing early
arrivers, etc.)

Arrangements are already being planned to acquire a donated space or rent a building for the month of January for the purpose of planning, organizing and housing those who may arrive early and/or for those who may come from afar.

We ask that tens of thousands travel to Longview to join us and make this action the central action for January 2012. Let’s kick off 2012! Join us in Solidarity!

More info: West Coast Port Blockade

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