Queer Liberation Front Meeting at OccupyHartford, Sunday, October 9, 3PM

Occupy Harford - Queer Liberation FrontQueer Liberation Front will host a Meeting at OccupyHartford on Sunday, October 9 at 3PM.

The meeting will take place on the site of the Occupation: Turning Point Park
Corner of Broad St. and Farmington Ave.
(across the street from the YWCA.)
Free Parking at the YWCA this weekend!

Everyone is welcome to join us as we discuss ways to Queerify OccupyHartford and plan for a Queer Contingent in the Hartford Bring Our War $$$ Home Now! March & Rally on Sunday, Oct. 16th. We will make Queer posters and signs for this Rally.

We will also discuss Queer Activism for the remainder of 2011.

Bringing a food item or snack or drink for the meeting and to share with OccupyHarford is suggested but not required.

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  1. OccupyEquality is connecting all LGBTQ Occupy activists from the streets to the net, city-to-city, state-to-state, coast-to-coast, north-to-south, countries-to-countries & continents-to-continents. We meet nightly at 9 pm ET http://www.stickam.com/group/occupyequality talking about writing a unified declaration, working on creating materials for teach-ins, educating LGBTQ equality organizations on why everyone should Occupy, and how LGBTQ equality is about Occupy financial inequality. Among other things. We are working on bringing Queer Occupy street meetings to this chat room so we can connect street to net and connect activists from all over the globe. Please join us on Facebook and in the chatroom. In about3 weeks we have over 350 group members from France to California and many places in between.

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