Trans & Gender Variant Visibility NOW!

Trans Visibility Now!

Pride month is upon us! Throughout the world, LBG*TQ* individuals will be gathering at festivals, parties, marches, and events to celebrate their identities and experiences. Sadly, the invisibility and discrimination of trans and gender variant people at many of these events continues to be a problem, often leading to feelings of isolation, sadness, depression and even suicide.

In an effort to help overcome this problem and make …the T & GV more visible to our gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual brothers and sisters, I am asking–as a long-time activist in this community–for my trans and gender variant siblings to stand up and show–with pride–your faces at these upcoming events.

I am calling out everyone: trans women who are lesbian identified, trans men who still consider themselves to be part of the lesbian community, gender variant folks who identify as bi-sexual or pansexual, gay t-guys, straight identified trans women, gender queers of all kinds, etc., etc.

It is time for US to take our proper place at the queer table, and to do it openly, genuinely and with PRIDE because we can no longer afford–as a community–to remain silent and sit back, because it is killing us folks. Statistically, the rate of suicide of transgender people is double that of the national average. If we want things to change, if we want to be accepted, embraced, supported, then we need to call the LGB to task and make that happen.

Our time has come, and I am asking you to join with me on this front. Trans and gender variant allies are also welcome to join this movement as well, as we absolutely need your support with this!!

If you want to know what to do, here are some suggestions: Check out what type of Pride events are going on in your area, gather as many TG/GV folks as you can, and go out to them together. Bring signs, wear shirts declaring your identity, do whatever it takes to make yourself known and visible to the LGB folks around you.

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