The Transgender Rights Movement and the Law at Yale Law School, Feb. 18

Interested in social justice and the law? Rabble rousing? Come to the 17th Annual Rebellious Lawyering Conference at Yale Law School (Feb 18th and 19th). While you are there make sure to check out my panel on Friday afternoon! Register hereĀ

Panelist include:
* Jennifer Levi (GLAD)
* Pooja Gehi (SRLP)
* Mara Keisling (NCTE)

The Transgender Rights Movement and the Law

This panel seeks to discuss the relationship between transgender rights law and the transgender rights movement. Specifically, how impact litigation and direct services respond to and are shaped by the transgender rights movement. Panelist will discuss their experiences as activists, organizers, advocates, and attorneys, as well as their views about the role of the law in advancing and restricting the rights of gender non-conforming people and gender-identity self-determination. The goal of the panel is to foster a productive discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of using the law as a tool for equality and empowerment within the context of the transgender rights movement.

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