Queer Rights-Worker Rights-Human Rights!

New revelations about the alleged history of mis-treatment of workers at Javapalooza cafe in Middletown add another dimension to the Queer Liberation Front Teach-In on Sunday, January 30th.

As our friends and comrades at The Underground Rainbow state,

Also, we are an organization that sees queer and non-queer people as multi-dimensional. No one is just queer. We have a billion other aspects to our personalities and identities, including our racial history, religious backgrounds, socio-economics status, political affiliations and much, much more.

We choose to unite on the basis of our queerness (Note: this does not equate directly with “gay”) ineslots because queer people are present in every race, class, religion, political party – every single region of society. Our personal experiences as queer beings gives us a strong base for unity with other oppressed people.

When we say we are fighting for queer rights, we mean we are fighting for human rights, regardless of identity or background.

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Download the Javapalooza Teach-In Flier and help spread the word about this action.

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