Connecting Rainbows: Queer Civil Rights Walks For America

Starting NOW people and groups across the country are walking and taking other actions, bringing awareness and adding pressure with one goal in mind: FULL civil rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Americans NOW!. Check out the Walk with Us! page at the top to see how you can join this movement.

This Rainbow Walk is a concept in progress created by a group of grassroots organizers from across the Country.

“One vision is connecting a linear national walk across America (with a tour bus and support team) as we join communities and organization state to state along the national journey for equality and civil rights”.

The main thrust is to have time-coordinated walks and other actions all over the country to raise awareness of the need for Federal Civil Rights protections that leave no state and no person behind.

The organizing principle is that everyone be empowered to create their own vision, and that the group work together on key aspects that require coordination, such as where to culminate, when to hold this (the dates above are placeholders only), media, and other aspects.

Some folks are interested in local community walks, some in state-to-state marches linking states with and without civil rights protections, and others in bus tours across the country or regionally. Some are talking direct-action! So there is room for every idea and every activist willing to put their vision in motion.

There is a resonating suggestion that each of us create mini-rainbow flags that will be joined somewhere somehow to form a Rainbow Civil Rights Quilt, and talk of coordinating with regional Pride events.

The details are all still very much a work in progress. But all are welcomed as we Connect Rainbows for Civil Rights Equality in America.

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